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Regular (Pennant) Competition in Manila

Makapagtanong na po. Meron po bang regular competition dyan sa maynila tulad ng sa ibang bansa? Base po sa aking analysis, malaki ang naitutulong ng regular competition sa mga players to improve their game. Ang ibig kong sabihin ay yung every week na competition that runs for say 10 weeks or more. Hindi lang tayo nag re rely sa once off competition e.g. Binay Cup. Ang sinasabi ko ay by Club. Itong competition na ito ay nagbibigay ng chance sa players to improve their game, and a chance to play against good players in a serious match. Medyo mahirap ipaliwanag ang tema, pero say every Monday at 7:30pm (whatever day and time -depends on the availability of the club members), bawat team (composed of 2 or 3 members) plays against other teams (singles and doubles match – each win is being counted). Kung may 10 teams, 1st week, team 1 plays team 10. Next week team 1 plays team 5. Something like that. Pero this should happen in a club. For a certain fee amount, before the start of say the 10 week competition, they have to pay. At the end of the 10 week comp, merong leading player (most number of wins indivudually – possible cash prize) at saka meron ding sa team. Kaya lang, this type of competition ay nag re require ng dedication dun sa mga mamamahala. Nagtatanong lang po kung meron ng ganitong comps. sa manila. In this type of competition, yung mga not so high level players are given a chance to play against the good players. The effect is, since it’s a regular comp, you have to think somehow on how to play againt a specific player. This encourages team building as well, as your team mate needs to support you for the team to win.